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Graduation, guitars and going home.
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So UCD have finally got their act together and told us when graduation is. It's on the 7th of December, and I should be home from the 3rd to be around for my little sister's birthday, so if anyone fancies meeting up during that time, that would be fantastic.

In less happy news, I have been told that there's nothing that can be done for my guitar that wouldn't cost more than the instrument itself. It is still playable at the moment, but will eventually come apart altogether. I'm sorry to see it go, it's my first guitar, and the first instrument I ever wrote a song with. I've had lots of mad adventures with it, both on and off the field, and it sounds great considering I picked it up for free.

But this means I'm going to have to think about buying a new guitar. So, guitar nerds and sufferers of instrument acquisition syndrome, lend me your wisdom. Are their brands I should look for/avoid? I may do this in Dublin, so those of you living there, are there any particular shops I should go to/avoid?

Things to note: I may be a broke student, but my folks will probably help out as a Christmas present (so, not cheap is okay, really expensive is not going to fly) I will take it to a field, but what's the use of a nice guitar if no one ever hears it (so nothing known for a delicate constitution, but I'm okay bringing a decent guitar there)

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I've sent my guitar wizard friend from Uni a message. I'll let you know what he suggests.

DISCLAIMER: You know exactly how much of an expert I'm not. This is personal experience only.

My Lorenzo (which you've played a couple of times) is a nice, basic instrument. My brother's Boorinwood is lovely too.

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