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fire, ropedart
So, I've confirmed my place on the course in Bangor. I've applied for accommodation, and looking into sorting out my banking and internet, so it's all starting to feel a bit real.

I'm going to miss all of you in Dublin, and I will be back to visit as often as I can, you guys can come visit me, and I'll be back soon. Try not to blow up the city while I'm gone or anything.

On the plus side, I'll be on the same landmass as my other awesome friends in the UK, so I may be able to turn up, say hi, consume your tea, monster your events and play your guitar on a slightly more regular basis.

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Dublin's loss is our gain. Feel free to visit and play my guitars any time I happen to be at home. :-)

Thanks, may have to take you up on that

YAY :D [/bias]

When are you moving?

Sometime around the 19th of September. It'll be good to know someone in town. :D

So what pipped Bangor over Derry? :)

In the end it was the number of people (in UCD, friends of the family etc) who went, Bangor, yeah, they have a good reputation for psychology, chatting to some current students who convinced me of its awesomeness, and looking around at what they were up to at the open day.

Plus, if you're going to move away from friends and family, it may as well be closer to other friends, rather than further away from everyone :)

yeah I learned that this year, the hard way...

Congratulations on getting a place. You'll be missed, but it sounds like it'll be awesome.

Tea is here for consumption. Don't have a guitar though I'm afraid. We'll ahve to go to Durham to nick Edains

That sounds like an excellent plan.

NOOOOOO!!!!! Don't leave us!!!!

*koff koff*

Meh, it'll take about as long to get to Bangor railin' and sailin' as a bus to Cork. There will be small scale keener invasions. Muahahahaha!

Bah to you and your offer from Bangor. They still haven't got back to me :(

(Also, many congratulations)

How long ago did you apply?

The pair of us in Bangor would be a scary and wonderful thing. The place would probably explode from the sheer awesomeness.

come up to Edinburgh, my flat contains tea AND a guitar.

I'll have to see what I can do. Edinburgh is far away. But tea and guitars are awesome.

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