My friends are brilliant
fire, ropedart
I spent a wonderful weekend enjoying the hospitality of John Kearney, on the occasion of his fifth birthday party (apparently). I got to see some people I hadn't seen in far too long, met some interesting new people, sang some songs, attempted to recruit another contralto to the Lions, drank some very fine whiskey, and possibly mocked our host for the weekend just a little bit.

This much would have made it a fantastic weekend, but it got better.

I found out that a large group of my friends on both sides of the Irish sea had conspired to collect and give me a large envelope of "guitar tokens" with which to purchase a replacement for my ailing SX. It looks like I'll have enough to buy a really nice instrument with it, and Dad says he'll stump up for a flight case to keep it in.

Just writing to say thank you, you're all amazing, and no, I never suspected a thing. Edain deserves special kudos for keeping incriminating facebook pages out of sight when I dropped by earlier than expected last week.

I believe that someone did get a picture of my face, and it's on facebook. Apparently it's quite hilarious.


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